What an amazing show by Arch Allies at the Palace Theatre tonight!!! The gentlemen started off as REO Speedwagen, shifted to Journey, and then rocked out to Bon Jovi – all before their first break!
The thing is, the musicianship was such, that it felt like we were at all those different concerts all on one set. The lead singers’ voices were so on point, so close to Steve Perry, Dennis DeYoung, and Jon Bon Jovi and the band sounded JUST like the bands. And then there was more.
Second set offered Styx, Queen (Radio GaGa my fave of the night), and Def Leppard. Again, with the lead singers switching out and dressing up as the respective bands’ front man.
For the encore, the two lead singers teamed up to deliver three of Boston’s greatest hits, and “More Than a Feeling” took me back to one of the only 8-tracks I ever plunked money down on.
Easily worth the money for the show – big crowd, but should have sold out. The quality of the band deserved to sell out. Arch Allies in the Palace? Acoustics couldn’t have been better! Love sitting (standing, dancing) in the front row of the balcony. Best seats in the house!


The self-billed “ultimate six pack of rock” Arch Allies, brought down the house at the Clay County Regional Events Center Saturday night as a throng of rock fans were on hand to hear the band perform classic rock hits inside the events center arena, with the crowd miming along to the guitar shredding and singing along to favorites like Styx’s “Come Sail Away.”…Arch Allies started into the Styx catalogue early, playing the self-titled track from the 1977 record, “The Grand Illusion” to get the crowd fired up and on their feet.



Arch Allies were a huge success at the Wild Rose Casino in Jefferson, Iowa. We appreciate you, Kevin and the whole organization’s willingness to pull this date together. There was never an instance where we requested something that you weren’t able to help us. Janette said that despite a flat tire and some GPS issues, they came in and did their job. We appreciate that very much. My client was very pleased and we look forward to booking them again at the Jefferson property as well as the other two Wild Rose Casino properties.Thank you.


Gladys Van Dyke

We just did a Survey Monkey and the Band Arch Allies got the highest scores we have ever had. The comments on the band were terrific and they had a 96% Excellent rating on our scores and here are a few actual quotes from the Survey.
I think the party was the best that we have had. The band choice was great it was music that got people involved and it was also music that everybody related to. I would highly suggest booking them for next year .
Band was excellent.
Great band, great food. Need more craft beers
Band did a great job .. good choice
Top notch. Band was great and played the entire time.
Best band to date in my opinion.
BEST. MUSIC. EVER! Have them back next year – heard from lots of customers and FB crew
Very well run, music was great, volume was perfect
Best Band you have ever had. Great job
By far best entertainment
Best band to date
Lots of great comments on the Band
We really enjoyed Arch Allies.
Band was great, I had many positive comments on party.
Best band we have had in long time. Comments from customers was that they were excellent.
Best Party & Band since I’ve been at Farner
Awesome band- great gifts


Private Company Party

Over the weekend I had the privilege of checking out ARCH ALLIES up in St. Paul, MN. They are a VERY faithful tribute to Journey, Styx & REO Speedwagon. They were even kind enough to let me sit in for a couple songs – the documentation of which you can see above. I truly cannot recommend them highly enough to you as I’ve seen A LOT of tribute bands but these guys put on one of the BEST shows you’ll see. There’s a reason they tour & work constantly: they are simply experts at their craft – solid musicians, great showmanship and a knack for faithfully reproducing all the hits from these seminal bands. You will seriously feel like you saw all 3 bands in one night. Make sure you mark your calendar for this world-class show and get ready to be transported back to each band’s heyday with ARCH ALLIES! -Pete


Phoenix, AZ

Lisa Petersen Hess

You guys are the best! Just saw you in Spencer Iowa—-and many times before! Love love love this group!!

Christine Andersen Pawlowski

Had a great time in Phoenix last night. First time seeing you for me and my friends. We are now fans. Excellent show. Wish you’d come back to Phoenix…I’d bring more new fans. Thanks for a fun time and making everyone happy.

Susie Mulanix Steinbach

Great show! Loved every song!

Shelley Goecke

Had a great time! It was our first time. We heard lots of positives and you delivered!

Mark D. Kelly

That’s what I’m talking about !!! Arch Allies Ride On !!!

Brenda Thompson

You are awesome!! Will definitely be coming to see you guys again!!

Gina Jorgenson

Loved it! Thanks for the fun!

Melinda Patterson

I went to your concert in Phoenix and it was an amazing show it was my first time ever seeing this group and I can’t wait till you come back to Phoenix

Lane Kinlund Frazier

It was a Awesome Show ! Went to Vegas just to follow you! Thanks !

Jennifer Williams

U guys!!!!! Can’t wait to see u again!!!!

Wendy Albers

Awesome Concert!

Lois Sue Baker

Amazing!!!! …The drummer , Guitarists, keyboardist were all amazing, Can’t wait to see them again somewhere can’t wait to see their future tour dates posted.

Ben Patterson

Had a great time in Jefferson. You guys rock. Hope to see you again soon. Thanks for the awesome show

Judy Kennard Kramer

Y’all rocked it tonight. Extremely impressed. Thank you for the awesome show!

Deanna Plank Nowels

We drove 3 hours to see the show and it was amazing!! Danced and sang all night long! Thanks for putting on a great show!

Karen Prigge Sohn

I’ve never seen Arch Allies in concert and went just to hear Grey. I was pretty excited that he was with a band that travels to Iowa! The whole band was awesome and I’ll be sure to watch for the next time you’re in the area!

Rob Haspels

You guys were incredible tonight!

Sherry Krogstad Neary

They are sooooo good.

Joe Klimczak

You guys were absolutely fantastic last night in Phoenix!! Please come back soon!

Becky Scheierl-Meuse

The show was truly amazing. I have seen every band they cover multiple times and they really did themselves proud.


Every aspect of the show was incredible.

Michelle Bollinger

Had a blast also a first timer. You guys were awesome would come again with more people this time. Loved you guys.

Michele Harding Klimczak

Amazing show, so much fun! Please come back to Phoenix again soon!

Jennifer LaCava

It was an amazing show!! Thx guys, you rocked. We screamed along to every song!

Julianne Covais Myhre

Excellent show! I will definitely travel to see you all again!

Michelle Lambert

Had a great time and look who we danced with! Had a blast!

Chad Castle

Amazing show all round! 4 great acts and each very impressive in their own. Thank you for the great time!

Jacinta Jeanetta

You guys are awesome!!! I loved seeing you guys perform. I feel so honored to have Kevins Guitar pick and thank you also for the shirt Kevin.

Karol Messer

Wow!!!!! I couldn’t wait and you were one of the best concerts I’ve seen there. Please come back!!!

Barb McCausland Opsal

WOW!!! Amazing!! Y’all certainly rocked it!! Can you sneak in a show before the Myth? Can’t wait!!

Mindy Downs

Awesome show guys!!! Safe travels!!!


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