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Press Release & Testimonials

ARCH ALLIES press release: 02/01/2015:

We at Arch Allies, want to welcome our new lead singer, Scott Calderwood. Gabe’s departure to Florida has left us with a huge responsibility. We needed to find someone with the ability to sing the songs of the epic bands we tribute, but also one that has the style, professionalism and personality that will fit well with our group and, more importantly, withour fans. As with all the great bands we emulate, we’ve gone through individual changes within the band throughout the years, but have always done so with that in mind.

Proudly, we have found our perfect fit. Scott brings with him years of experience, coming off a Journey Tribute band himself, but also the charisma, stage presence and “it’s all about the show” attitude we must have to continue, if not raise, the high expectations Arch Allies always strives to achieve for our fans….and he’s great to look at!

So, please welcome Scott with Open Arms. Know that we only plan on getting better and better to make your time with us a newly energized experience and appreciate your support over the last 6 years!

The Arch Allies were a huge success at the Wild Rose Casino in Jefferson, Iowa. We appreciate you, Kevin and the whole organization’s willingness to pull this date together. There was never an instance where we requested something that you weren’t able to help us. Janette said that despite a flat tire and some GPS issues, they came in and did their job. We appreciate that very much. My client was very pleased and we look forward to booking them again at the Jefferson property as well as the other two Wild Rose Casino properties.

Thank you.

Gladys Van Dyke

Arch Allies – We just did a Survey Monkey and the Band Arch Allies got the highest scores we have ever had. The comments on the band were terrific and they had a 96% Excellent rating on our scores and here are a few actual quotes from the Survey.
I think the party was the best that we have had. The band choice was great it was music that got people involved and it was also music that everybody related to. I would highly suggest booking them for next year .
Band was excellent.
Great band, great food. Need more craft beers
Band did a great job .. good choice
Top notch. Band was great and played the entire time.
Best band to date in my opinion.
BEST. MUSIC. EVER! Have them back next year – heard from lots of customers and FB crew
Very well run, music was great, volume was perfect
Best Band you have ever had. Great job
By far best entertainment
Best band to date
Lots of great comments on the Band
We really enjoyed Arch Allies.
Band was great, I had many positive comments on party.
Best band we have had in long time. Comments from customers was that they were excellent.
Best Party & Band since I’ve been at Farner
Awesome band- great gifts